Youth Coaching

Ellie Williams
Ellie Williams, Singer

Before I started coaching I knew I wanted to achieve so many goals and dreams but my problem was, I didn’t believe in myself enough to go that one step further in actually trying to surmount them. Before I met Kiki I had a lot of self doubt issues linked with my confidence levels. Being a performer you have to have a strong ‘back bone’ in the sense you’ve got to be ready to be knocked down 24-7 otherwise you won’t survive, because of my confidence I found it a lot harder to get back up again as I let the self doubt ‘voices’ in my head get the better of me.

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Amy Goold
Amy Goold, Student

I haven’t known Kiki that long but in the time I’ve known her she’s given me so much guidance and support. We have been able to meet up about three times over the time I’ve known her and during those meetings she has helped me to improve my CV as she specialises in HR. This made me feel confident when I put it forward for my summer internship application. Lastly, she went through typical interview questions with me for the interview, which led me to successfully getting the internship.

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