Your personal review of the year…. 2017!

Your personal review of the year…. 2017! What a year it has been… I know for myself and what about you? My family and I always do a review of the year, and we are looking at ours this afternoon. Some great questions to ask are: *What went well in 2017? *What are you grateful […]

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We would like to thank you all for all your support and following Kiki Kirby Coaching! 2017 was a huge year for Kiki Kirby Coaching and even through Kiki’s health challenges we have faced we have still managed to keep on top of work and have had some very exciting things happen! A huge thank […]

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Are you in love with your life?

Not happy Not feeling it Not fulfilled Dissatisfied Upset Stressed Anxious Poor Mindset I have no money 💰💵 I have nothing good in my life Missing a lot in my life Plenty more….++ I see it and hear it a lot during my Coaching sessions with clients 💛💗You can be in love with your life […]

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