Finding Joy in the Cancer Journey

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💛 On a cancer journey, sharing my story
❣️BIG shock but I am warrior
💥 Finding, Seeking & Searching for Joy during this journey....
😇 Child of God 🙏
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I hope what joy I share with you encourages you along your trials and tribulations. We will all face them, but it’s inner peace we are given and we must seek.

Love Kiki 💛

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Nightmare we all have it in life and during this C journey CRAP – why me! Why now, oh NO!   Every step, every process is uncertain but always there is HOPE. Why me!   Rest, Recover, Realign inside of you!   Time is what we need along the journey.   Awareness of your body, […]

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💫 W E L C O M E 2018 ….

💫 W E L C O M E 2018 ….   Happy New Year! May it be filled with patience, peace, joy, happiness, self-control, gratitude, love, gentleness, faithfulness, kindness, good health… May you be happy, have all your hearts desires! Be who you have been created to be in this LIFE. What is your 💛 […]

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Welcome… Finding Joy in the Cancer Journey

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22nd December 2017 – a day not to forget

Today, the 22nd December 2017, I wont forget this day. The finish of treatment…. When I was diagnosed in July and I was told I would have 6 months of treatment chemotherapy and radio therapy, I struggled to believe I would get through it all. But somewhere deep inside of you find a deep inner […]

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This gal…

This GAL & Sister, has juggled plenty ++things recently…. Up down to the hospital for weeks and weeks and days! Running KKC Business Social Media Coaching my clients Embracing her promotion of Coaching Director Cleaner Finance Director for KKC Mother Shopper for the food, pjs, and everything Wedding planner keeping me & hubby to be […]

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LOVE the life you live, LIVE the life you love

  So much has changed within the last 3 weeks of my Life, but as I wake up today on this Monday morning 24, July 2017. I am going embrace the diversion in my goals, plans, wishes, in life for now. 🙈with this smile I will make sure it’s going help me with the diversion. […]

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