22nd December 2017 – a day not to forget

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Today, the 22nd December 2017, I wont forget this day. The finish of treatment….

When I was diagnosed in July and I was told I would have 6 months of treatment chemotherapy and radio therapy, I struggled to believe I would get through it all. But somewhere deep inside of you find a deep inner strength to get through it all.

I have a lot to write about the journey still and have some blogs half written which I will share during this journey.

So what is next, I know trust, pray and have faith the cancer has gone.

I am so grateful and thankful for the love, support and help I have had up to now wow it has been life changing.

A few photos from today, My incredible radio therapy team (who I loved seeing every day) – you rock!!! My gorgeous sister who I am so grateful for and my little niece Sophie for being my visitor today.

More to write on this day but its late and has been a long journey…… THANK YOU everyone…

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