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This GAL & Sister, has juggled plenty ++things recently….

  • Up down to the hospital for weeks and weeks and days!
  • Running KKC
  • Business Social Media
  • Coaching my clients
  • Embracing her promotion of Coaching Director
  • Cleaner
  • Finance Director for KKC
  • Mother
  • Shopper for the food, pjs, and everything
  • Wedding planner keeping me & hubby to be on top form
  • 🐶 Walker for Kissa
  • Communicator for KKC and on behalf of me
  • Keeping us all in place 🤣
  • Dinner & Cook lady
  • Dating looking for 💚
  • My hairdresser
  • Sorting her fashion style out 👗
  • Daughter
  • Pray warrior
  • Woman of God and Faith 😇🙏
  • And everything

No words to express gratitude she is a WARRIOR but used to be a worrier 😂 💛

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