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How many of you have hobbies and You time?

Why is it we make time for hobbies when we are younger but not when we are older?

I have wanted to skate for years and years! ⛸💖 but I never made the time.

Finally bought some of my very own last year. Sunday, 25 March 2018 I was able to do it. It required double energy as I am still very weak and fatigue but I managed it, with my little friend. Sophie….(niece)


It was totally amazing to be doing a hobby and being able to get up physically do it as I am recovering and healing after having chemo and radiotherapy in December.

⭐️ What are your hobbies? ⭐️

It made me think as we get into busy lives, jobs, businesses, family stuff. We don’t make time for ourselves and for hobbies.

⭐️How will you make some time for YOU?⭐️

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