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The Healing Touch

The healing touch, WE need it.

Whether you agree or not it is a FACT!

When there is one of two things which happen;

  1. A movement of forced change

  2. Or a choice of change

Mixed emotions inside and out.

The inner emotions no-one is with you apart from yourself.

So its about understanding and letting the emotions flow, process, reflect and allow them to pass.

You trust yourself enough to allow yourself to re-connect with yourself, value yourself, rediscover yourself.

All the nurturing touch of healing from ‘God’ to HEAL YOU!

Allow the emotional healing to take place.

Allow support and kindness to yourself.

Love casts out all FEAR!

It’s part of Life but you feel as each layer comes off one by one you ARE so enough now! More healing, when does it end?

Good and faithful serve you “hear”  

“You are designed with Love”

Stillness, emotions, reality and hope move forward through change!

NEW things are discovered. Clarity is clear, Vision is Clear, Confidence in improving.


You taste a freshness of life, nourishment, vulnerability, nature, happiness and joy and you give yourself a break!

ENJOY NOW today, the present and make today GREAT.

Give your heart what it wants connect with yourself.

You have a voice, you matter.

The light radiates out of you as you sat, resting on something.

What is your something?

The healing touch, 19 July, 2.00pm – 3.30pm

Images by The Emotional Cancer Journey: Michele Angelo …

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