Finding the Joy in the Cancer journey supportive and inspiring cards


Thank you for choosing Finding the Joy in the Cancer supportive and inspiring cards designed with love.

The cards can be used daily to inspire and support you during the journey.

You pick a card daily or you can get yourself a journal to start your self discovery journey.

Be ready to open up your heart and mind.

Connect and share your experience and journey.

Love Kiki




Behind these Little Cards

Hi, I am Kiki – I am Life and Business Coach
After being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma stage 4 in July 2017, the only was I realised the only way going to beat this and get through it was to try find the Joy in the Journey.

I created a blog Click here

I was 3rd Generation in my family to have Cancer after loosing my grandmother and then my mother when I was 13 and I still cannot believe I had cancer. As of 4th April 2018, I was in remission. Being in remission doesn’t mean the journey of cancer just goes away.

I wanted to create something to help all those out there who are also fighting for their lives – it is the most painful and challenging journey. This is very close to my heart.

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Request your own set of cards and find JOY each day during your journey.

I hope you enjoy them – please reach out to me if I can help in any way.

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With Love Kiki