3 things you will benefit from doing today!

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3 things you will benefit from doing today!   Quarantine is not getting any easier as the days pass.   There is still uncertainty and worry. Worry can be a waste of imagination.  How about using your imagination differently?  Focus and practice daily gratitude instead.  What is the worrying giving you daily?  How is it […]

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Routines in life

Having routine in our lives is crucial to our success day-to-day, but why?   To start with, routine can be linked to efficiency as it eliminates the time needed to plan and make decisions. You automatically know what you’re doing when you wake up with routine in your life.   Being able to save time […]

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The What, Why and How to building healthy, successful and positive professional relationships… (Gen Z edition)

First things first, let’s go back to basics. According to The Free Dictionary, a professional relationship is ‘the relation that exists when one person requests and is granted professional help from a qualified source’. Similarity, the definition from Dictionary is the same. However, in my own personal opinion, you don’t have to be a ‘qualified source’ to […]

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How many technologies do you use at work?

Some form of technology is used in every single company or organisation around the globe, for business owners, employers and employees, to scale out their operations. Not only are these different technologies used in work, but also in everyday life and we are sure you’ve probably used one without even realising the full extent of […]

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What to expect from a life coach/people consultant?

Coaching and Consultancy. Two familiar words?… Yes! No! Maybe you’ve heard of them before, but you don’t actually know what they mean? Two of our most frequently asked questions are ‘what is a [life coach/business coach/coach in general/business consultant/people consultant]?’ and ‘why do I need one?’ So, let me be the bearer of good news – I’ve got the […]

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