Leanne Jenkins, Business Owner

Will Peach

“Kiki gave me accountability for my goals and actions and because I’d made a commitment to her to do something, I was more inclined to do it. By setting deadlines, this allowed me to have a timeframe in mind rather than putting things off and taking forever to do things.

Kiki is very empathetic and has a nurturing nature. She is able to take on board what you are saying and guide you effectively to find your own solutions. She is very good at encouraging new ideas and solutions. She is also skilled in being able to bring you back on track when you deviate from the initial issue. She has a soothing voice which helps to relax and encourage you to explore your own ideas.

I enjoyed being able to explore my creativity to come up with new ideas and solutions that were prompted through gentle encouragement from Kiki. She has helped me to realise that if you sit down with a goal in mind, you can explore all sorts of ideas and solutions that will bring you closer to achieving your goals with a never-ending list of ideas.”