Peter Doville Retired

Will Peach

“It enabled me to focus upon and achieve the goals that i set for myself, for example one goal was to focus upon buying a house – i move in next week. one other goal was to refocus my attention in my personal life – my relationship has become stronger as a result.

Kiki was found to be very engaging and thus stimulating in making me focus upon the specifics needed to achieve goals that i set each week. I found her to be very competant at keeping me focused upon a goal and preventing me from drifting away from the primary.

One is never too old to ‘grow’ forward with life events and see them from a different perspective. I found the whole training exercise extremely stimulating and rewarding as proven in what i was able to achieve in those few short weeks.
Kiki’s natural verve and enthusiasm enabled me to review where i was and what i wanted to do in a more enlightening manner.. She was able to tease out of me answers to my issues that i honestly would not have known existed.”