The People You Love

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What would we do without the people surrounding us, that love us and simply understand us?


It would be quite a difficult life to imagine.


But, unfortunately their importance in our lives can be easily forgotten.


It’s understandable with many other duties we have such as work, business and life admin.


And with technology playing such a prominent part in our lives now, it’s easy just to send a text to check-in, rather than face-to-face, meaningful meet ups.


So, I want you to remember a few things about keeping relationships with the people you love…


  1. Be present when you see them. Your phone should be away, your full attention with them and not on the deadlines at work (as hard as it can be to switch off!)


  1. Tell them you are grateful for them and their life. Showing gratitude means they know you care and stops you from forgetting how important they are in your life.


  1. Be honest. If things are hard in life or work, let them know. Then, of you forget to check-in or don’t respond to them straight away, it prevents any arguments of you ignoring them. Not only that, they can help you take your mind off things and give you useful strategies.


  1. Look after them. See how they are doing, really deep down. Relationships work most effective when they are equal, when you both share your feelings authentically.


     5. We all make mistakes and have regrets but holding a grudge will cause both parties to be upset and this negativity isn’t good for anyone. Learning to forgive and let go will add strength to a relationship and teach lots of lessons. None of us are perfect, sometimes we need to put ourselves in our loved one’s shoes, most of the time there’s a reason for their actions deeper than it seems on surface level. This goes back to honesty and exchanging feelings on the matters to gain a clear understanding of both thoughts.




  • Believe in the people we love
  • Support people we love
  • Listen to people we love
  • Grow old with the people we love
  • Create memories with the people we love
  • Be kind to the people we love
  • Unconditionally love the people we love!


Reach out to those that mean the world to you today, tell them you love them and tell them life would be different without them. If you can’t logistically see them in person FaceTime them or at least call them. Technology is incredible for staying in touch and helping people to never feel lonely but only if it’s used in a productive way.


Swap your social media scrolling for a meaningful chat today and see a difference in your mood!


The people you love are SO significant in every aspect of your life!

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