Youth Coaching

Youth Coaching

In today’s world young people have many pressures put upon their shoulders. Through both training and my own personal experiences I am able to effectively communicate with young people, understand their feelings and see the world through their eyes.

All of my coaching programmes are tailored around individual needs. For example, some young people are at a stage where they need to make important decisions about their education and they are not sure which path to take – I can help them to explore their options and focus their mind on what is really important to them. I am also experienced in helping young students learn the life-long skill of raising their aspirations, setting expectations, and attaining goals.

Throughout a programme I aim to form a relationship of trust and my overall objective is to empower and motivate young people and give them the confidence and right mind-set to achieve their goals whatever they may be.

I have a fun, inclusive, creative and comprehensive approach to setting and achieving targets, aims, goals and objectives, delivered in a way that is proven to delight and engage youngsters. My programmes use a variety of techniques including activities and informal conversation all in comfortable surrounds.

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The Benefits

Young people can benefit from coaching in the following ways:

  • By being listened to, and learning how to listen to others.
  • Increased levels of motivation.
  • By learning how to set goals, and break down goals into manageable sections.
  • By recognising their potential and how to work towards it.
  • Increased awareness of assertiveness, and how to assert themselves confidently.
  • By identifying their core values – what is most important to them.
  • From learning how to use their initiative.
  • By learning the importance of responding, and not reacting.
  • Increased ability to communicate effectively and with confidence.