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Looking to change your Career or New Career Path but feeling trapped?


Unhappy or frustrated with your current Career but don't know what to do?


Looking for some inpsiration to get this journey started?


We have the perfect tool to help and inspire you. 


Our Business Manager Eleni Kirby was given a fantastic opportunity to share her story with Discover Your Bounce Publishing new book “The Bounce Back Journey of Careers” After many sets backs and facing various challenges she tells her story in the hope to encourage and inspire you. This is a collection of stories shared by people who have changed and built different careers. We living in such uncertain and challenging times, however there is many opportunities to make change in your career and start doing the things you really love to do.


The Authors of this book come from all different walks of life and have very inspiring stories to share with you.


If you would like to work with us on a Change in your Career please contact us

The Bounce Back Journey of Careers

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