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The Rediscover You Toolkit

The 6-Module Video Series to get you back to YOU 

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When we lose track of who we are, the symptoms leak into every aspect of life.


Perhaps you know what I mean: 


  • Decreased productivity at work 

  • Feeling burnt out and bored in life

  • That fire you once felt for life feels like it’s slowly going out


You’re thinking “There’s gotta be more to life than this daily slog.” 

Here’s what most people misunderstand about productivity: the most important asset in a productivity plan is YOU. 

But, how do you really care for and connect with that version of yourself that you once knew? 


Many people will start looking outward for: 


Validation from others (who may or may not be willing to give it) 

Distraction (Netflix will only get ya so far….) 

The next “silver bullet” that will “fix you” (we can thank social media for that...)

The truth is looking outward is not the way to reconnect, refind, and rediscover you. 


It starts by looking inward, and taking a heart-centred approach.

Which is why I’m thrilled to introduce you to: 


The Rediscover You Toolkit ™

Here’s what you’ll find inside this 6-Module Mini Course 

Ep 1:
Refind and Rediscover and a Life after a set back
Ep 2:
Setbacks are where the magic happens
Ep 3:
Seek, Search and find The Power in Daily Gratitude
Ep 4:
The new only comes when you let go of the old
Ep 5:
Step by Step Connect your heart and mind
Ep 6:
Create a new relationship with yourself

Life’s full of setbacks. There’s just no getting around it. But resetting and prepping for the rebound is the foundation of “Rediscovering You”. Even if you’re not coming off of recent catastrophe or trauma there are past patterns that need identifying and sorting. That’s what we’ll do in this module. 


You’ll walk away with tools to challenge self-sabotage and experience more self-love--this is your solid-as-a-rock foundation for the rest of your self-discovery journey. 


Here’s how we’ll get you there: 


Help you identity what's holding you back 

We are going to help you move forward in a way that suits you

Encourage and empower you to take action 

We are going to help you turn those I can’ts into I can Rediscover and find YOU

  • …living in that vicious cycle of self-defeating thoughts

  • …stuck carrying the massive weight of doubt on your shoulders

  • …seeking deeper insight and alignment.

  • You’re looking for clarity on your soul’s calling.


Whether you’ve lost your way due to grief, trauma, or have simply lost your enthusiasm for daily life, you’re not alone.


The struggles we face, how we approach them, our attitude towards them is individual to us all. It is all about the self development journey you take with evolving in a heart centred way.


What are the struggles you are facing? 

There is never a good time to work through your struggles; they are part of the process and journey of life.  In The Rediscover You Toolkit ™ it will help understand your reality to create positive changes in moving forward to take the desired action you have been procrastinating about.

Is this YOU? 

  • You have fallen out of love with your life, work, and health.

  • Seeking a connection Physically + Emotionally + Mentality + Spirituality

  • Experiencing self-doubt and self-worth,

  • Lack of confidence and vision

  • Your mindset is stuck constantly in your thoughts daily


So, let us take the first step and move forward in a way that suits you.

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About your Coach:

Hi I am Kiki, 8 years ago I was working around the clock and burnt out in a career of recruitment. It came as such a shock to me that I need to take a leave of absence to recoup and regroup. While I lay in bed one quiet evening looking up at the ceiling, I wonder why I had been sent this gift and what did this experience teach me?   

Well firstly, I realised that a person’s wellbeing and health must be a priority in order to maintain high performance over time. I also saw how quickly top talent can be neglected until it’s just too late and wellness suffers as a result.

Thankfully, I returned to work in a coaching and consultancy capacity and really enjoyed working with clients helping them to recognise when they or their team members were reaching burnout point. Working with clients to achieve extraordinary results as we focused on wellbeing and growing their businesses, so I was completely blindsided again when I was diagnosed with cancer after just 3 short years of building my own coaching business. This too was another gift in my journey. I fought this disease and overcame it, and I am more determined now than ever to protect my client’s well-being while growing their businesses. 

I am a survivor. I am Kiki. I am passionate about helping others achieve extraordinary results in their without compromising on their health and YES you can have both!

After coaching hundreds of heart-led people comes down to one thing if you want to succeed at business then your wellbeing is just as important as growth.

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