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Work with Kiki

One to One


So, you’re doing well...


  • Work that pays  

  • Home and family  

  • Bills paid 

  • Career ladder? You’ve climbed it, pulled it up, and started climbing even higher...

On the outside, you’re doing’ things.

All the things. 

But somewhere between all of that ambition, that energy you’ve given to work and others that flame of passion you once felt has burnt out. 

I see this all.the.time.

It feels like all the time for play, for well-being, for the self has gone completely away. 


It’s time to bring that joy back. And start en-joying the day-to-day. 


Ask yourself what do I need the most right now?


I was drawn Kiki’s heart centred approach which aligned with me, what I do. KKC is caring and empathetic and really drew me in. – Professional Corporate Career 

Coaching helped me (our clients include, CEO’s Head of Departments, Leader’s Managing Directors’, Business Directors)

💛 Have the space to talk. Space to get upset without judgement and helped me work on me moving forward and having space to talk and help with my mindset and write lists!

💛 Different ideas and being able to talk and share experiences 

💛 Always showed compassion and distance and didn’t let the other parts of my life influence, helped me to remain focused without judgement.

💛 Very encouraging  

💛 Kiki challenges are delivered with love and integrity and helped me grow

💛 Coaching completely exceeded my expectations, encouraging me think differently and about different aspects of my business. I feel and speak more positively about my business.

What you get with 1:1 Coaching with
Kiki Kirby

  • 6 x 1:1 sessions over Zoom with Kiki that can be used on whatever schedule fits you and your life (*must be used within 6 months) 

  • Exclusive, intimate, and guided access to Kiki’s 5 S Heart-Centred Approach 

  • A supportive, judgment-free, and confidential space to be yourself, develop and nurture new habits, explore your passions, and reconnect with your spirituality

  • Tools, techniques, and strategies that enhance our work together and can be used even after your coaching has concluded

  • Ways how to approach your leadership and communication skills 

  • Accountability and gentle feedback to keep you making progress

  • Inner work to help you approach the areas that are holding you back from making progress.

  • Heart-Centred Life Audit which will give you clarity from the chaos and overwhelm you are feeling 

  • A well-being and Wellness plan to create powerful purposeful habits.

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Opportunities come and go but your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical position is non--negotiable. 

My mission is to teach you tools, strategies, and techniques to slow down and find calmness, clarity. 


When it comes to living heart-centred every part of you needs to be involved to evolve. 

Life and work go together.  Your life has to be going right in order for your work to go right. If your life is not going right, then your work isn’t going right.

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It’s not just life coaching. It’s not just professional coaching. It’s heart-centred, it’s personal, and it’s waiting for you. 
Many of you are interested in how to work better, but you do not think very much about how to rest better.

*1:1 coaching is by application process only. Book your consultation above to learn more!


I was unhappy looking for direction and sense of purpose, I was looking for direction as feeling lost and confused. Partially Kiki I knew she would be good. Company was going through change wanted to look how to navigate change and being conscious and how we would do it.


Business Owner – Consultancy

Helped me see things more positively whether that’s the little things from journaling daily which l never did and do now to understanding my achievements, still lots to do but l think overall you have made me a better person or see myself so l can be the person l knew l could be but never got to, again still on that journey.


- CEO Education

  • What is Coaching?
    Coaching helps to empower you to make, meet and exceed personal and professional goals. This includes excelling in the workplace, becoming happy and fulfilled in the home, exploring the inner you and achieving ambitions. All of my coaching programmes are tailored to my client’s requirements. The inner you is made up of your soul, spirit and character. We often forget this, as we focus so much on the external self. Through coaching, I will help you to explore your inner emotions and teach you how to listen and react to them. Before I start a coaching programme, I will get to know you (the client) which allows me to get a deep understanding of your needs, challenge you to recognise and build on your strengths, explore your current reality and find positive ways to make changes and move forward. This will help you to achieve your goals and aspirations.
  • What Happens During a Session?
    During the session, I will ask you about what you want to get out of life, what areas you are unhappy with and your hopes for the future. You will never be forced to make any decisions that you do not feel comfortable with and all sessions will be confidential, allowing you to explore your thoughts and feelings privately. Sessions usually last up to 2 hours, depending on a client’s requirements. Times are flexible. They can be conducted over the phone, face-to-face, over email, via Zoom and occasionally through instant messaging.
  • The Benefits of Coaching:
    Learn how to release the inner you! Gain focus and a true understanding of your goals and more importantly how to achieve them. Learn how to express your emotions. Learn how to overcome your fears and insecurities. Learn how to react in certain situations. Increase motivation levels and confidence.

We will take  Heart Centred  approach to the coaching journey.

Our approach through the heart centred way

 Ready to have a step-by-step action plan with tailored bespoke coaching with a holistic approach coaching, mentoring and consultancy to plan for your specific needs and your style.

  • Chaos to clarity + how love and thrive in life, health, and work way

  • Awareness of your values determining what actions are best for you to realign.

  • Stressed + overwhelmed teaching you tools, strategies, and techniques to slow down and find calmness, clarity. 

  • Create boundaries that work for you and implement them

  • Understand more about your emotions and how navigate through them

  • Self-Leadership and development Leadership Coaching

  • Slow down to achieve more results, that are aligned with you personally and professionally.

  • How to rest & relax many of you are interested in how to work better, but you do not think very much about how to rest better.

  • Leadership Coaching to ensure you are creating the changes you would like daily and how to communication more effectively 

  • Clarity on what is holding you back from achieving your new version of success.

  • Getting clear on a daily, weekly, monthly plan for a holistic approach

  • Mindset and strategies that will take you to your next level of growth

  • Accountability, Confidence and Self-Limiting Beliefs challenged

  • A better connection to inner self, your vision for and values for your Life and Work

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