Hi, I’m Kiki

I help heart-centred individuals find their way.

I’m no stranger to loss and hardship.

But, through the brokenness I’ve found healing, hope, joy in my life. 

Healing, and purposeful alignment is exactly what I bring the clients I work with.

With a combined 17 years working Human Resources, Recruitment, Coaching and Mentoring, I bring both life and work experience to my coaching.

I believe we all have the answers to life’s deepest questions and, as a coach, my job is to bring that out of you. My passion as a coach is watching high achieving individuals decrease their stress, find inner peace, improve personal relationships, and generally increase their life satisfaction.

By working with the resources you already possess, we can work together to navigate life’s biggest obstacles and connect with your deepest purpose.

Spending a career mastering business, commercial success, and professional development has given me the technical skill to help you through your toughest times. Spending a lifetime overcoming my own hardship has given me the deep understanding of where you are in your journey.

Everything I do with clients brings me such joy. And, when you work with me you can expect

  • a program that meets you where you are and works from there
  • empathy and support as you grow and learn 
  • structure and accountability to help you meet your goals

You are valued. You are unique. And, you deserve to fall in love with your life.

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Accredited by The Coaching Academy

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