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Personal Coaching

I found coaching to be a very useful experience. It helped me gain greater clarity on my thought processes, limiting factors and the steps required to recalibrate them. Sessions provided me with an effective outlet to express myself, make sense of my experiences and map out hopes for the future.

- Will Peach

It enabled me to focus upon and achieve the goals that i set for myself, for example one goal was to focus upon buying a house – i move in next week. one other goal was to refocus my attention in my personal life – my relationship has become stronger as a result.

- Peter Doville Retired

Well, I had no goals at the time, only visions and Kiki helped turn those visions into goals, while they weren’t materialistic goals, I’ve achieved what I wanted which is to be happy and do a job I enjoy doing, and those boxes are now ticked.

- Dan Richards

Kiki is very good at gentle nudging; allowing me to find the answers myself, but I can tell from her direction if she thinks I can find more answers. As I trust her judgement it encourages me to think more for myself, and gives me more faith that I can find the answers I need myself.

- Tessa J, HR

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