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Heart-led business leader: Your business depends on YOU!

Discover how you can elevate your heartbeat for your business by growing your leads, conversions and revenue without compromising your wellbeing.

As a coach, service provider, consultant or business owner, you’re probably felt alone many times with the constant struggle of doing everything on your own. Perhaps you have become overwhelmed by the day to day runnings of your business, struggling to lead yourself and your people, or just plain frazzled with no direction …. Somewhere your passion, love and purpose for your business has been buried under this constant weight of responsibilities.

You’ve been the visionary, the accountant, the marketer and sales team, and a whole lot more … and right now you just feel STUCK!

Well here is the reality of growing a business on your own:

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It’s hard and some things just don't go as planned

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It’s lonely and you wonder if you are cut out to do this 

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Ducking punches seems more like the norm

Yup …. You are tired all the time and this is not how you thought the dream of working for yourself would be


AND despite your best efforts, studying, buying courses, and trying a variety of different things, you are more confused and overwhelmed than ever, and when you look into the mirror, maybe you don’t see a winner, just a shadow of the person you were when you started this business.


AND you can’t afford to keep making these kinds of costly mistakes because it is causing you to stress and erode your confidence! 


AND even more importantly it may even be affecting your physical and mental health.

Heart-led business leader I understand …
You can’t afford to keep trying to do everything on your own ….. with lack of direction, not setting realistic achievable goals.
 You can't keep working long hours and achieving no results, neglecting your health and wellbeing 
 And, most importantly, you can’t afford to continue procrastinating without taking action consistently daily in your business 

BUT I want to tell you it’s normal and yes you are normal …. this is the heart-led business leader’s journey ….! 

AND it doesn't have to be this way …. And you are not alone so many people are in the same boat!

Being a business leader can be a lonely journey, and while there are communities for startups and masterminds for established businesses, there isn’t a true community for heart-led business leaders. Which is why I’ve put together a unique mentorship program geared just for you.

I’m going to tell you right now how I’ve created this predictable process that can be used over and over again to achieve significant results which my client rave about! 

So unlike other programs that only TELL you the HOW, this program works because we SHOW you the HOW!

  • Imagine dramatically reducing your workload because you have a clear execution plan 

  • Imagine never having to do this alone again

  • Imagine following a step-by-step proven process all the while others are cheering you on!

  • Imagine growing a business that makes impact and creates a legacy for your family.


I know what you are thinking this may not be for me? RIGHT?


This is for you regardless of how many times you have failed … or if you are a complete beginner starting out as a heart-led business leader and don't want to fail into this trap.

The Heart Centred Mentorship has completely exceeded my expectations, encouraging me think differently and about different aspects of my business.  Most of all, meeting so many other small business owners has been incredibly interesting and helpful, as there is so much skills and expertise, I had no idea such a variety existed. 
Finally, the speaker sessions and sessions you delivered were so helpful and thought provoking... Exactly what I need, I had no idea i could be actively doing and thinking so much about my business. Your one:one sessions have been absolutely invaluable and I’ve got so much out of each one.  Thank you! 
It is an excellent group because you truly understand our thoughts, needs, confidence, frustrations and journey. 
I am so much more committed to seeing my business as a separate entity to me now, something that can be worked on, have a strategy, a direction and an investment.  I feel and speak more positively about my business. I also see the expertise of others, and am keen to outsource rather than carry the task myself - this is so fulfilling as I get better results and less stress! 
Holistic Therapy Nicola Robert’s

ScarWork and Massage Therapist

Let’s be honest here … You are looking to live your best life and make an impact on the world .. you have come to the right place.


You might be thinking - that's not possible. But let me assure is. 


 Is it easy? No, of course not. 

  Is it worth it? Yes. Absolutely.   


Nothing beats being a heart-led business leader running your own show and it's also a lot easier than you think. And over the next 6 months, I will show you how as we will work together to make this happen.

I want to show you there is an easier way and it can be done.


Hi I am Kiki, 8 years ago I was working around the clock and burnt out in a career of recruitment. It came as such a shock to me that I need to take a leave of absence to recoup and regroup. While I lay in bed one quiet evening looking up at the ceiling I wonder why I had been sent this gift and what did this experience teach me?   


Well firstly, I realised that a person’s wellbeing and health must be a priority in order to maintain high performance over time. I also saw how quickly top talent can be neglected until it’s just too late and wellness suffers as a result.


Thankfully, I returned to work in a coaching and consultancy capacity and really enjoyed working with clients helping them to recognise when they or their team members were reaching burnout point. Working with clients to achieve extraordinary results as we focused on wellbeing and growing their businesses, so I was completely blindsided again when I was diagnosed with cancer after just 3 short years of building my own coaching business. This too was another gift in my journey. I fought this disease and overcame it and I am more determined now than ever to protect my clients well-being while growing their businesses. 


I am a survivor. I am Kiki. I am passionate about helping others achieve extraordinary results in their businesses without compromising on their health and YES you can have both!


After coaching hundreds of heart-led business leaders it comes down to one thing if you want to succeed at business then your wellbeing is just as important as growth.


Introducing the ….

Here is what you will get inside the Heart-centred Business Mentorship Program:

 (Value £1,800) 

1.   Weekly Training Session

Imagine being held accountable to your goals and supported to achieve them. We will guide you to plan a powerful week in direct alignment with the goals you want to achieve. No wasted time. No Wasted energy. Just focus on the actions that need to make a difference to your success.


This one hour training with a 30 minute Q&A session includes access to training that you will help you in growing your business consistently. This is the exact system that Kiki uses to achieve outstanding results. 

 (Vale £1,600) 

2.   Monthly Mastermind Copywriting Session 


We know you want better results in life and in business. Copywriting is very important for your business, it drives leads, sales and engagement. We will unpack the secrets of copywriting on a monthly call with an expert in this field.

 (Vale £450) 

3.   Group Support Zoom session with Kiki


This is where we actually do the work, it’s all about  Accountability, Action, and Implementation. With 20 years of experience, we’ve seen that personal accountability, done with kindness, can be a deal breaking in making sustained progress that leads to outstanding results.


4.   Access to the Private Community of Heart-led Business leaders (Priceless)

Here are your people, a community you can fit right in. A place where we share our successes and encourage one another. You will feel right at home in a place you can call your own, free from judgement. It can be lonely at the top so why not get with a community that knows how this feels and how we can all pull together to reach our goals.

This is not all we have for you …

We have a number of bonuses for you too!



Once off Welcome and Onboarding session (30 minute intensive)


(Value £250)




90 Day Plan which includes video and a workbook


(Value £900)




Wholesome Life & Work Audit Tool to help you with getting clarity


(Value £450)

 TOTAL VALUE £5,450 

YOU PAY £97/month for 6 months

so a total of just £582

Let’s let go of running in circles, because that is just plain exhausting and start building your path towards a successful business with a confident heart-centred plan that works!

£97 per month for 6 months


One off payment today of £497 and SAVE £85


Want to hear from others who are already on that success path in the Business Mentorship Program who are achieving results after just a few short sessions ...

cirencester college

This is what happens to those successful heart-led business leaders who join the program....

As a coach I love helping my clients discover and develop  their potential. I watch them grow and shine. They say they get amazing results, because they have someone to guide them through the journey, to hold  them accountable and to appreciate and celebrate their wins.


At the beginning of this year I realized I need such a service for myself as well. And I was happy to meet Kiki. Joining the Heart Centred Business Coaching Mentorship was  a great decision! I feel supported, appreciated and inspired. Kiki goes above and beyond to share knowledge and help every member of the program reach higher and level up. I truly enjoy every coaching call we have. Kiki is kind and loving and she has great experience that she's willing to share and inspire others. I very much recommend working with her if you want to make progress or just feel more joyful in your life. 

Tereza Koucká

I have been working with Kiki on her Heart-Centered Business Mentorship for around 3 months now, her coaching and mentoring has been so important to me in setting up my coaching business. The mentoring sessions every Monday are with a great community of entrepreneurs who all support each other. Somehow every week the topic of the group mentoring is exactly what I need help with: we cover technical business processes, useful software and websites, as well as business mindset. The coaching sessions help me to plan my months and decide where to put my focus in order to get clients, and have also helped me get my motivation back on weeks when it is low. Kiki is always very warm and positive and has even given me help over email between sessions. Beingan entrepreneur can be hard as you are working alone, I would highly recommendworking with Kiki to give you support and guidance to make your business great!

Rachel Smyth, 25, Mind Strategy


I first met Kiki via Instagram as we shared many similarities in our lives. When I needed a new coach to help me take my business further I knew Kiki was the Coach for me and her Heart Centred Business Mentorship is perfect. Kiki shares her knowledge and experiences whilst empowering you to come out of your comfort zone and try new things. 

When you are on your own building a business it can feel quite isolating, however, Kiki and her team are full of support and encouragement. Kiki is one of the nicest people you can meet, nothing is ever too much trouble and I am so grateful to have met her .


Louise McMilan



We give all our members a 30-day free look, so if you get in and decide it’s not a fit, just let us know and we’ll get you a refund. We don’t think that will be an issue, but we also don’t need heart-led leaders in our mentorship program who don't want to be here making a positive impact.


This offer however will not be around forever and expires soon.


So the question is where will you be 6 months from now if you don't get access to this amazing Heart Centred Mentorship Program ….. ? 

Well, I would guess you will be right where you are now and what’s that going to cost you? 


Building a heart centred business that has impact is important to us all and we don't want you to miss out. 



Ok so you might be wondering ….

How much time is required?

A commitment of 5 hours focused work a month is required to succeed. Only action takers, go-getters need apply. This focus attention is for a minimum of 6 months, as any kind of real progress and momentum takes time to achieve. We hope that once inside you will see the value in the content, coaching and the community and choose to stay!

How fast can I expect to see results?

Immediately! Heart-led business leaders are changing the world but often feel LONELY, DEPRESSED… or disconnected BUT once you’re plugged into our community… you’ll see an upswing in your FOCUS, your ENERGY and your RESULTS!

I am already a coach, will this work for me?

Great question… and one you SHOULD be asking! Yes this will still work for you...and your COACH will probably thank you for being a part of the Heart-centered program. Why? Well, this program gives you what he/she can’t. Constant, daily connection that drives your RESULTS!

What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?

We’ll be here with you, every step along the way. Our team is here to help you set goals...and keep you accountable so you can move FORWARD. Our support team is also prepped and ready to answer ANY and ALL of your questions.

Is this a subscription?

Yes, this is a monthly subscription to join this Mentorship program filled with so much value.

How long do I have access to the trainings and recordings?

You have lifetime access to everything included in the Mentorship Program for the 6 months that you are on the program. And the best part? You get any future updates for free.

What if I decide this isn’t for me?

I stand by my 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. Not to worry. BUT, I will also tell you that I'm obsessed with bringing the best training and mentorship to market that I can. If you have a suggestion please let me know.

If I pay the full 6 months in advance do I get a discount?

Yes you get a discount of £85 if you pay in full for the 6 months mentorship program, however we do have a monthly payment plan if that works out better for you.


This program is right for you if ….


  • You are willing to admit you don’t know it all and feel tired, overwhelmed and stuck.

  • You have a functioning business and you want to generate more sales and revenue making an impact on the world.

  • You are committed to growing yourself AND your team.

  • You are ready and willing to share your thoughts and ideas, and also accept feedback from a community with ideas that may challenge your original beliefs.

  • You respect others and are open to supporting a diverse community of fellow “heart-centered business leaders”.


This program is not right for you if ….

  • You only surround yourself with people who look, think, and act just like you.

  • You aren’t ready to share both your wins and your losses…and accept constructive feedback from other members.

  • You expect success to come quickly, easily, and are looking to scratch and claw your way to the top at the expense of others.

  • You are negative or have a scarcity-mindset and do not take action

Heart-centered business coaching mentorship is for people who are searching for the coaching and support they need to finally SUCCEED!  Feel less lost, have more purpose, more heart … and YES make more money .. and impact in the world!