Foster a Healthy, Happy Mindset every single day

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Get daily inspiration, resources and authentic connection in one place with a like- minded community.


We’re in unusual times. Every day brings more news and the unexpected. Yet every day holds a wonderful opportunity to improve our mindset and connect with others. To learn, to grow and to get closer to who we truly are.  


Here at Kiki Kirby Coaching we feel blessed with a gift of positivity. And over the years we’ve collected a set of tools that help us process both ourselves and the world around us with care and compassion. We also feel blessed with a collection of clients, friends and acquaintances who hold unique gifts and a generous spirit. 


The Happy Healthy Wellbeing community brings all of this together and invites you to be a part of it. 


It brings learning, joy and growth together with focus and familiarity. 


Why focus and familiarity? Because it’s noisy out there at the moment and it’s easy to be scattered. Our online world presents the opportunity to connect with everyone, but a ‘being everywhere’ approach can lead to more disconnection. 


“The condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common”.

This is what made us want to create a real community. A place where you can:  

Give and receive support with love.

Learn new tools and techniques to keep healthy and happy.

Have a safe space to share and be yourself.

Seek inspiration and move beyond interia to take action.

Develop a daily practice to strengthen your mindset.

Have fun! 

How does the Happy Healthy Wellbeing Community work?

  • A closed Facebook group of selected individuals who are caring, sensitive and committed to personal growth.

  • x3 weekly FB live sessions and videos from our coach Kiki to help keep you uplifted in these times and install a positive, resilient mindset.

  • Weekly interviews with those who can give unique and new insight into self-care, self-discovery and wellbeing.

  • A set of worksheets and resources to help bring instant clarity to your challenges; ways to slow down your thinking and a proven structure for your own reflection.

What Do You Need To Do?

  • Consider your commitment to be part of a community where you both give and receive.

  • Open yourself up to positivity, new learning and to trying things out.

  • Be brave and take action.


The Cost?

You can cancel anytime. The equivalent of the weekly coffee that is no more! 

Why do we charge for this community at this time?

We’re seeing a lot of ‘free’ offerings around at the moment. What we’ve seen is that a small affordable amount of money – the equivalent of a few coffees over the month, provides a form of commitment and accountability that fosters a smaller, but more close knit and committed group of people.