Heart Centred Business Coaching Mentorship

Heart-centred business coaching support and community for a small monthly amount


Be held accountable, learn success methods and receive personalised coaching


Having a 1-2-1 business coach who aligns with you in a heart-centred way is invaluable to helping you speed up progress towards your goals and creating a thriving business.

However, often that support can require a large upfront investment. This is why I wanted to create something that provided a similar style of support, but also had a community element to bring more nurturing and education into the experience.


The Heart Centred Business Coaching Mentorship is designed to give you personalised coaching, entrepreneurial development and most importantly, loving accountability.

Because with years of experience, we’ve seen that personal accountability, done well with kindness, can be a deal breaker in making sustained progress that leads to results.

How does it all work?

  • Two personalised half-hour coaching sessions per month so you are met exactly where you are with your business*
  • One weekly 60 minute training session to build out your entrepreneurial skill set and a monthly workbook to pull the insights together for your own records.
  • A closed Facebook community of like-minded heart centred entrepreneurs and business owners who you can support and be supported by.
  • Access to a range of specialised experts to ask questions, rather than having to build out your own team e.g. an accountant, a Facebook ads expert, a marketing strategist.


Key topics we’ll look to maintain and refresh your knowledge in:


  • Goal setting and service packaging
  • How to network and build relationships online
  • Maintaining your confidence in business
  • Maintaining a consistent level of customer service (even when revenue is irregular)
  • Financial budgeting and cash flow management


*Coaching sessions will be in the first and last week of the month.


2 ways to Invest

Monthly investment £97


Advanced 6 month investment £550

(including access to Self Study Kite of Hope x10 week Mindset Programme)

Invest now monthly Cost £97




Invest now Advanced 6 month £550