Heart Centred Business Coaching Mentorship

Heart Centred Business Leader do you feel the beat in your heart + you need to get it out? Do you want to lift the heartbeat of your business to the next level? Lift the vibrations or let the vibrations out to raise you + the energy of your business?


You are not in the aligned internally + externally your heartbeat is buried:


If you:

  • Feel overwhelmed day to day in your business
  • Struggle to lead yourself + your people
  • Inefficiencies in your structure + poor daily habits resulting in a scrambled mess impacting growth + revenue
  • Frazzled, stressed + chaotic is your reality
  • Feel lonely in the entrepreneur journey
  • Lost your passion, love and purpose


If you said “YES” to any of these statements above then you are ready for the  Heart Centred Business Coaching Mentorship


The Heart Centred Business Coaching Mentorship is designed to give you personalised coaching, entrepreneurial development and most importantly, loving accountability …. you will be a Heart CHANGER!


Because with 20 years of experience, we’ve seen that personal accountability, done well with kindness, can be a deal breaker in making sustained progress that leads to results.


How does it all work?

  • Two personalised 30 minute coaching sessions per month (with me Kiki) so you are met exactly where you are with your business VALUE £450
  • One weekly 60 minute training session to build out your entrepreneurial skill set and a monthly workbook to pull the insights together for your own records. VALUE £1,800
  • A closed private Facebook community of like-minded heart centred entrepreneurs and business owners who you can support and be supported by. VALUE …. Priceless
  • Introduction to trusted Partners, a range of specialised experts to ask questions, rather than having to build out your own team e.g. an accountant, a Facebook ads expert, a marketing strategist.


BONUS #1: Access to the library of all the Training’s/recordings from the Challenge (£2,700)

BONUS #2: ….. Spiritual Affirmations + Prayer Group

Total Value …… £4,950

Huge discount BELOW

Monthly Investment £97 (minimum 6 months first sign up and then you can cancel at any time)

(Prices include VAT)

By joining the Heart Centred Business Coaching Mentorship, we will help you:

1.   Release the courageous Leader within you to create immediate action
2.   Breaking your self-limiting barriers + beliefs holding you back
3.   Clarity + alignment on your vision, goals + habits to keep you focused
4.  Turn procrastination to prioritising your processes + structure to accelerate immediate business   growth
5.  Mindset growth from scarcity + poverty to abundance achieving income + revenue through   authentic sales + marketing
6.  Helping you slow down to break free from the striving of hustling of hard work

This is how you will feel daily:

H – Heart Centred + Turning worry from fear to clarity

E – Excited, proud +accomplished and motivated

A – Alignment of heart and soul …. happy + joyful daily

R – Reverse chaos to calmness

T – Turn procrastination to focus

I invite you into the Mentorship but don’t wait too long because we

are going to MOVE F-A-S-T!


Why get a Coach

Coaches help you to stay in a state of belief …. they believe in you even when you don’t believe in yourself



Monthly Subscription £97 per month ( Includes VAT)


Monthly Cost £97