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Are you like feeling like this dead flower?

Are you like feeling like this dead flower?

As I looked at these flowers in my office, I thought 💭 how many of us at one time or another have felt dead like these flowers?

I know I can relate to this at several times of my life.

Can you?

Some tips to help you out if you feeling like this dead flower:

✅ You can feel alive again

✅ Dig deep inside you for self belief that you can feel alive again

✅ Share, write, journal what has or is making you feel dead?

✅ Get professional help to feel alive again coaching – helps you move forward & counselling helps you look at the situations and talk about it all.

✅ Be real about what’s making you feel dead (career/emotions/financial/whatever it is for you)

✅ Believe you have been created and made for a purpose in this 🌎 world

✅ You matter – every little bit of you matter

✅ Work out what is missing for you

✅ Connect your heart, mind and spirit

✅ Dream Dreams

💛 Thank you for reading.

Comment , share or message would love to hear from you.

Love Kiki

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