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“Life challenges “ do you face them?

✨“ LIFE Challenges “ do you face them? ✨

Thank you all, so much for your likes, loves and support.

You will have noticed, I have done some 🎥 filming yesterday, so watch this space. It was such FUN, so many laughs and I totally forgot my reality.

A few people have asked me how can I look so happy, radiant etc given my reality of currently, where I am in the C journey, and  you know it doesn’t make sense, 5 Chemo’s in, no hair, baldy, still 1 more Chemo, still radio therapy treatment, still probably a year to recover and get my body back to its full immune system. 😳🙈🙉…. lack of freedom on so many levels. But, I have a choice how I get through this journey.

TOUGH, HARD and upsetting stuff BUT, as I often say in my posts, videos. In this life we will have trials, tribulations, but we are promised PEACE!

We will ALL face “life challenging stuff” but I hope as I share my reality it gives you hope you can get through any “LIFE challenge” you facing. We all have a choice of how we deal with and face things.

I am not saying I always feel HAPPY, I don’t 😢, I don’t get upset, frustrated and disappointed. But during the challenges you face, let your emotions pass, understand your emotions.

Talk about  your “life challenges”, (when you ready to talk about it.) Find a support system, during your life challenges.

Hope this is helpful for you…

Hair from wig company ~ 📸 makeup @katelyus

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