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Mindset: getting your mind in gear

Mindset: Getting your mind in gear

Mindset… collections of beliefs and thoughts in the mind.

How are yours? Mostly positive or mostly negative?

If your thoughts have a habit of being negative, listen up!

It’s all about what you tell yourself. It’s ALL about what YOU tell yourself… self-talk.

If you’re constantly telling yourself you can’t do something, you won’t even make the steps needed to achieve it. It’ll NEVER happen. With this you need to change the language used too, find what lifts you higher, positive affirmations that support you and your progress.

There’s a frequency to our thoughts. If thoughts are full of negativity, they’ll be negative outcomes to your goals and vice versa.

  1. The same as if you choose to surround yourself with negative thinkers.

  2. This won’t help you get your goals.

  3. This won’t help you leave that job and become your own boss.

  4. This won’t help you achieve better health.

  5. This won’t help you find an amazing relationship.

  6. It’ll keep you in a fixed mindset, in a life full of excuses, lack of motivation.

Get away from these people as much as they may seem comforting and as much as it’ll be scary. But surely it’ll be better to find people with your DESIRED mindset that’ll challenge you, lift you higher, and believe in you.

Don’t think, just DO IT.

Procrastination gets to us all but you need to learn to block it out, nothing is as bad as it will be in your head, trust me!

Focus on the goal and not the steps it takes. Stop at nothing to achieve and succeed. Of course it’ll be challenging otherwise, why would you consider it a goal?

Your comfort zone is boring and pointless, how are you going to be successful in what you want if you stay the same? That’s just existence, not living to the full at all.

With these small changes, a better mindset isn’t a million miles away, in fact it’s very close. As soon as those habits are established, you’ll be achieving all the things you dream.

Just keep reminding yourself that it’s all in the mind, it’s all about what you tell yourself,

You can do it.

Those goals are within reach.

Nothing is as bad as it seems.

Dream it, believe it, achieve it…

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