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My Journey

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Gratitude and blessed for you all coming….. I am going share from the heart….. Promise we won’t be here all day and night.

I hope what I am going share encourages you to believe “Your Life” is a journey and it is what you make of your journey. Life is full of successes and failures, it is how you deal with them that will determine the real you which is what I have experienced…

As I share my journey its evident in each area of my life I have held onto FAITH…. It’s all about believing you don’t know how it will happen but you know it will…

I wanted to share a little about myself in brief bullets;

  1. Born Zimbabwe in Africa in small town called Gweru. I left home at 18 moved to Harare which is the largest city in Africa

  2. Moved to UK – 2002 without family

  3. Recruitment – 10 years… starting on reception earning £11,000 – corporate recruitment

  4. Break down – 6 months (people praying for me) – knew this was a far greater reason….. And I was going to end up helping others who have/are going through what I have been through

  5. Left Recruitment February 2012 and didn’t know what the future liked at all – but having FAITH….

  6. Worked for a Wealth management company – just over 3 years….in Marketing/HR and recruitment

  7. During this time, I was also introduced to a wonderful company that gives people an opportunity to change/improve their outer selves. This was the vehicle that was used to open up so many doors. 7 months later, I was introduced to “Coaching” not know what it was embraced on the journey…. Really reflecting on how incredible it would have been to have a coach at a young age and while I lived life….

I am excited about the future and it feels great to be living my dreams and helping others to also live theirs. Dreams do come true… My vision now is to help youth and adults to reach their dreams, which I am really living out right now. My life has FREEDOM of choice every day.

A few encouragements….

The journey we are on has different roads and bumps along the way but embrace it all somethings might be hard but learn from it and be patient as somethings will take years for you view it in a different way. Don’t also worry about resting/ or taking time to heal in the lay by for period of time. I promise you it will help you move forward….TRUST ME…..

A quotes which I love…

Everything starts with a DREAM

The secret to happiness is gratitude

Dream IT, Believe IT, Achieve IT

The amazing thing about life is that you choose what you allow into it, you choose how you let things affect you, and you choose how you react! Happiness is a choice make it….

“Everything that you will ever be is already inside of you”

“You can never establish a personal relationship with yourself without opening your own heart”

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