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Stillness, Slowdown & Reflection – welcome October

Stillness, Slowdown & Reflection.

Welcome to OCTOBER 2018.

How are you feeling about this month?

What will you do to make it a great month?

It’s all about setting the right intention for what you want to achieve.

Do you review and set new goals monthly?

By reviewing and reflecting your month this gives you wisdom of where you are and want to be

Clarity and Vision with your plans

Connect with your Heart and passions

Renews your mind

Every step counts the ones you take and the ones you don’t

Helps you achieve a life, business and career that feels good.

I use the Stillness, Slowdown & Reflection. to track of all of mine and I use this as my daily planner to. What planner do you use?

9 months of 2018 have already happened.

What are you GOALS & INTENTIONS in October ?

Some of mine: 💌

  1. Positive, nourished ready for my scan on Monday 8 October.

  2. Serve my clients to using my talents

  3. Growth in the big goals I have left to achieve for the year of 2018.

  4. Continue in the gym x2 times a week.

  5. Have fun and adventure daily.

  6. Launch 🚀 my plans.

  7. Celebrate my achievements.

  8. A few others.

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