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The Tree of Life talking leaves your fear behind

We so often ask what is the meaning of life?  Take a look at this inspiring video which was shared with by one of lovely Youth Clients. Whose Life are you living?

What does the meaning of life mean for you?

In life we face so many things…… good and not so good things. But do you know what it is part of life.

It’s how you get through the life journey of good and bad that determines the real you.

Let’s talk about a Tree;

  1. It has roots sunk into the ground  with strong foundations

  2. It has branches all different lengths and they grow in different ways

  3. Then we have the leaves 🍃…. the stay on for different seasons

  4. Trees branches need pruning and cutting

  5. At times the Tree can be unhealthy in many ways, dead leaves and unhealthy roots, foundations are not strong enough. So they all need rebuilding and re-growth to happen.

What I have come to know is the Tree is like our life, we have so many things that are not right but we don’t know where to begin. Rocking foundations, unhealthy dead leaves, dead branches and the list goes on.

  1. Talking LEAVES 🍃 your fears behind!

  2. Fear has meaning of fantasized experiences appearing real.

  3. Behind means in the past, so why do we always look back even though at not going that way. We should only look back to reflect and look how far we have come.

Rebuilding has its purpose and healthy re-growth can take time but so worth it. Rebuild your foundations starting living the life which was intended for you.  You were created for a purpose in this Life.

Let go of the dead leaves so the new life and branches can grow, find what will relight your life and tree.

Get your Tree of LIFE Growing again! 

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