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Vision – Do you have one?

Haven’t we all at a point at time in our life felt:

• Like we are lost • Have no vision • All we wanted or needed we no longer need • We are stuck in our careers, life or business • We can’t connect with your vison

Well there is Hope for you, you can have a Vision again you just need to find one. I have some tips to help you with this.

Why have a Vision • Adds clarity, desires, feelings to your visions, dreams and inspiration with focus in your life • Keeps you on track on days/seasons when it’s a struggle, or motivation to keep succeeding and see what is possible in your journey • Keeps you on track, consistent, motivated and disciplined focused • Your life changes to match those images and desires in other words you DREAM them, you start to BELIEVE them and then you start to ACHIEVE them • Opportunity to use your creative skills and develop further ones

There is so many ways in which you can have a Vision Board Ways/Tips for having a Vision Board?

  1. Vision Journal

  2. Written Vision Board

  3. Vision Index Cards

  4. Digital Vision Board

  5. Vision Board

  6. Magazines, Card, Stationery, Frame, Scissors

  7. Start cutting out the images your heart desires, the things that make your happy

  8. The images can be very specific that they evoke a feeling or something specific in you Or you can download them from the internet – then print them out

  9. Whatever way you choose to do – no right or wrong

As we get into the new year have a think about your Vision for 2018.

Some questions to ask yourself

  1. What’s your heart’s desire?

  2. What is your decided heart for 2018

  3. How do you feel about setting your goals?

  4. What new behaviours do you want to set?

  5. What new themes would you like in 2018

  6. What values do you want to develop?

  7. You can set anything you want to set?

I run Vision Board events so keep an eye out for dates as there will only be limited dates in 2018.

What you will get from the event • A Vision Board with your goals, desires, dreams as a focus in your life that you look at every day • A coaching session which will help you focus on what you would like to and how to achieve • Meeting new people and with inspiration • Opportunity to use your creative skills

Email me further dates coming up at

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