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Did you know research shows that intentional, daily practice of gratitude increases happiness?


Part of a healthy mindset, satisfying relationships, and inner peace is the regular acknowledgment of what we’re thankful for.


If a gratitude practice is new for you, tracking your progress is an evidence-based way to build a habit that will benefit you for life.


Seek, search and find the power of daily gratitude. Gratitude can bring you more love, joy and happiness and inner peace into your life.


The aim of this journal is to help you practise daily gratitude, be happier and to inspire you to grow and transform as a result in a way that helps you Release the Inner You.


By having this journal and writing in it daily, you will practise a daily successful habit. It will be your very own Self Care and Self Love.


How to use and get the most from this Gratitude Journal


  1. Create 5-10 minutes part of your daily routine
  2. Find a favourite pen.
  3. Get a drink and find an environment or space that makes you feel happy, at peace and inspired
  4. Turn off your phone and come away from any distractions
  5. Let your mind process what you are thankful for


Gratitude Journal

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