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The most neglected piece of any productivity plan is you, your most important asset. You have the most important resource in your hand TIME.


Now is the time for you to take control with your daily habits.


We have created an A4 12 months undated worth of habit tracker templates one for each month to help you with action, accountability and self-discipline in one place.


It’s time to make YOU a priority.


You have the power within you.


How to use and get the most from this calendar and to create powerful purposeful habits.


  • Have this calendar somewhere visual where you can see it every single day
  • Find a favourite pen or highlighters, whatever will help you get creative
  • Write down those things that you have been neglecting and wanting to make a change for example


Movement / Fitness

Walk in nature

Drink water

Switch Phone off at a certain time

Social media break

Leaving work on time

Time with loved ones and friends


Not checking emails after work time


  • Get started start crossing the days off by placing an / on each day for fulfilling the habit or an X for not to help you create a happy healthier balanced heart centred life.


Online research states anything between 28-100 days for a habit to become a routine. We recommend 90 days (3 months) to allow yourself to evolve and develop your habits.


There is no right number of habits to track but make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself when first starting out. Clarity will help you with your intentions, how would you like to feel, what habits will you do to help you grow personally and professionally. Remember if you miss a habit try again tomorrow. Don’t give up.


The calendar can’t be returned or exchanged once purchased.


If you would like to work with us further please contact us

Habit Tracker Calendar

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