It’s time to make YOU a priority.


You have the power within you.


The power inside of you is greater than any power that’s trying to stop you... @marieforleo


If the answer is not often then look no further!


For just £21.50 (including postage), this printed or downloadable 32 page booklet gives you all you need to learn to gain control of your life, being honest with yourself, and making positive changes to your life suited to you.


With the booklet you’ll need your favourite pen, highlighters and all the stationery to help you be creative, then let the magic happen!


The booklet gives you a chance to reflect on the year, your goals and learnings, think about what gets in the way of you valuing yourself, writing goals and aims for the coming year, with probing questions to help you stay on track, your dreams over the next months ahead, passion projects to make your heart fulfilled and the year’s theme – how will it be so special? As well as this there is plenty of room for all those tips you learn along the way!


Get in contact with me or visit my website for all the details, you’ll defo want to get your hands on a copy!


At the end of the day, you are so worth being valued, don’t let anyone or anything set in the way of that!

The Power of You Booklet


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