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Value Yourself Booklet is a 12 page mini booklet designed to reflect on the year, your goals and learnings, think about what gets in the way of you valuing yourself, writing goals and aims for the coming year, with probing questions to help you stay on track, over the next months ahead to make your heart fulfilled.



Remember you are the inspiration, and no personal journey is easy but with self-belief and faith you will make it.


  1. Grab this booklet and find a favourite pen and stationery (post it notes,coloured highlighters, whatever will help you get creative)
  2. Get a drink and find an environment or space that makes you feel happy, at peace and inspired
  3. Turn off your phone
  4. Start by saying thank you for the year that was and open your heart up for new inspiration for the year coming
  5. Get started


If you would like to do more work around your values or setting goals working 1:1 please contact us further at


Please note on the last page there is a previous year date which has been crossed out which is why these are in the SALE. This will not impact you working through the booklet.

Value Yourself Booklet

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