Business Coaching

Breese Stevens, Analyst Developer

Kiki’s coaching has helped me become more clear about the goals I wanted to achieve. She helped me explore resources that I didn’t realise I had within reach. As a coach myself, it was a great experience to be the client and to be on the receiving end of being asked great coaching questions. It allowed me to experience firsthand the power of coaching

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Melanie Coates, Social Worker

Exactly what to do to achieve them. she supported me in recognising that it is me and only me that can make my goals happen and I identified this through thought provoking prompts from Kiki.

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Roisin O'Reilly-Smyth, Actuarial Student, Corporate World

“Coaching has helped me to identify my goals and to evaluate what is important to me. Without my coach I would have found it hard to believe that I could achieve my goals and lacked the motivation and drive needed to achieve them.

Kiki was great at listening to my concerns and pushing me in a gentle way to see ways in how to overcome them. She was brilliant at making me feel at ease in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Greatest thing about my coaching experience was having someone with such positive and motivational attitude getting me to see that anything can be achieved and that all you need is belief and a good strategic plan with well defined goals to get there.”

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Carol Holland, Career Transition and Training Consultant

Kiki helped me to clarify my objectives in setting up a business. The coaching experience also helped me to overcome mental barriers towards reaching my goals. It’s full steam ahead now.

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Leanne Jenkins
Leanne Jenkins, Business Owner

Kiki gave me accountability for my goals and actions and because I’d made a commitment to her to do something, I was more inclined to do it. By setting deadlines, this allowed me to have a timeframe in mind rather than putting things off and taking forever to do things.

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Pip Sellers
Pip Sellers, Web Designer and Business Owner

I have such a busy life that it’s easy to lose sight of my direction and get stressed. Kiki has helped me hugely by helping me to focus on where I’m heading, reach my goals and keep organised.

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