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Kiki Kirby

Create change, the changes start in you.


How to work with Me 1:1 Personal & Business Coaching is by application process only.


Create a new relationship with yourself, re-align with your health, life + work. Evolve with growth and accountability.

Being "heart-centred""means that we approach life from a place of inner strength, resiliency, courage, integrity,       authenticity, and truth. We move from an ego-driven space to a place where life flows more easily when we are heart-centred

Your heart needs love, gratitude, inner peace, calmness and joy daily. Find calmness amongst your chaos, gain clarity through your procrastination and focus on your wellbeing. It is time to slow down to find inner peace, grow your mindset, seek purpose in Life + Work.


We will take a Heart Centred approach to the coaching journey.


Our approach through the heart centred way


  • Ready to have a step-by-step action plan with tailored bespoke coaching with a holistic approach coaching, mentoring and consultancy to plan for your specific needs and your style.

  • How you want to thrive in life + work your way

  • Self-Leadership and Development Leadership Coaching 

  • Slow down to achieve more results, that are aligned with you personally and professionally.

  • Leadership Coaching to ensure you are creating the changes you would like daily. 

  • Clarity on what is holding you back from achieving your new version of success. 

  • Getting clear on a daily, weekly, monthly plan for a holistic approach 

  • Mindset and strategies that will take you to your next level of growth

  • Accountability, Confidence and Self-Limiting Beliefs challenged

  • A better connection to inner self, your vision for and values for your Life + Work

The inner you are made up of your soul, spirit and character. We often forget this, as we focus so much on the external self. Through coaching, I will help you to explore your inner emotions and teach you how to listen and react to them evolve in a heart centred approach. 


By evolving you are changing  and development into a better more advance state


verb  \i- ‘välv, - ‘vȯlv, ē- also ‘väv or ‘vȯv\

"to change or develop naturally into a better, more advanced state."

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