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'4 Things That Don't Seem Like Self-Care, But Really Are'

Self-care is something we all know we should be doing to improve our physical and mental health, but some of us aren’t into bubble baths or yoga retreats, and since we think that is all self-care is about we end up shunning the concept altogether.

The thing is, self-care is about much more than simply putting your feet up and relaxing (although doing that is great for your well-being); it’s about doing anything that makes your life better in any way at all.

That being the case, there are a number of practices that maybe don’t seem like self-car on first glance, but which really are the very definition of it. Lt6’s take a look at some of them right now.

1. The Magic of Tidying Up

Let's start with a bit of a Marie Kondo moment. Tidying up your space doesn't just make your home look like it belongs in a fancy magazine; it also tidies up your mind and helps you to find more peace. Clutter can be overwhelming and stress-inducing, so when you clear your space, you're also giving your brain a breather. Feng shui can really work on psychological level, at least!

2. Financial Planning: The Wallet Workout

Now, this might make some of you groan, but stick with me. Financial planning is actually a very effective form of self-care. Budgeting, saving, and sorting out your finances might seem like a big old chore, but it’s incredibly liberating to know you have everything under control. It reduces stress, gives you control over your future, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t feel a bit smug when their finances are in tip-top shape? That’s why seeing financial advisers, setting up a savings account, and sorting your pension could actually be the biggest, and best self-care practice of your life.

3. Saying 'No': The Art of Boundaries

Learning to say 'no' is a massive self-care move that will truly transform your life and how much you love it. It’s about setting boundaries and prioritising your well-being above all else - putting yourself first in other words. You really don’t have to attend every event, help out every mate, or take on every work project. Sometimes, saying 'no' is the healthiest thing you can do. So, practice saying no and don’t be afraid to decline that thing you really don’t want to do anyway.

4. A Digital Detox: Unplugging for Sanity

In our hyper-connected world, stepping away from screens can be like a breath of fresh air for someone who has been trapped in a small space for too long. A digital detox – even just for an evening – gives your mind a break from the constant bombardment of information, notifications, and digital demands that can suck the joy out of life. It allows you to just be and that is very valuable indeed.

As you can see, there’s more to self-care than meets the eye, so maybe you can start practicing it now that you know it isn’t all bubble baths and face masks?

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