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Do you LOVE the people you work with?

Some years ago I had a demanding, high-powered job in HR/Recruitment.  I worked with great people: we worked hard, we were very successful and we achieved mighty things!  We made a lot of money, we partied hard and had plenty of FUN, all whilst creating life-changing memories.

Gradually, over time, I fell out of love with it all – amongst other things, the pressure, the work, the processes and the control became too much for me.  I ended up with burn-out and everything blew up around me.  I was depressed and was on and off work for six months.

My body was so tired, my soul was tired, my mind was tired. Everything was tired.

Whilst going through these difficult times I realised that I also needed to address the grief I had buried deep in my heart from when my mum died.  She had cancer and I was only 13 years old when she died.  All those emotions I had buried for so many years needed to be processed so that I could begin to heal.

Those 6 years of my struggle were so hard!  So hard!   Even harder than fighting my own cancer journey last year (more about which I will share later).

You know, I left that job.  I woke up one day and decided to hand in my notice.  I had nothing to go to, no plan.  I was about to lose my hefty income and salary, having only recently bought a new house in the Cotswolds, all on my own.  You know, I found a way to make it all work – just as you can find a way through your own struggles.

And, in spite of all the difficulties, pain and dark times, I remain truly grateful for it all – the good times and the bad.  I wouldn’t be where I am today, or the person I am today without going through those experiences.

What I learned:

  1. You can have a purpose.

  2. You can find your purpose.

  3. You can start over as many times as you want.

  4. You are loved.

  5. You struggles are not bigger than you are.

  6. You can grieve in your own way.

  7. You can let go the old to allow in the new.

  8. I found my spirituality in Jesus

  9. I was healed.

  10. I was grateful for everything I had – everything.

  11. I got help (I am happy to help you 📧 me).

  12. Every step counts, the those you take and those you don’t.

  13. Follow your calling.

  14. Trust your Talent.

  15. Chase your Dream.

  16. Believe in yourself.

So, it’s your turn now!

What is the first change you will make in your life, work and health this week?

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