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💫 EXCITING NEWS 💫 Our Gratitude Journal is available to order from amazon by clicking here > >

This journal was designed after I finished chemotherapy super duper excited. Thank for all those support who have assisted. You all know how passionate I am about gratitude and thankfulness. ❣️🌟Giveaway… Comment your name below 👎and at the end of the Sunday 14 January 2018, a name will be drawn and you will receive a Journal! 🌟 Product description Seek, search and find the power of daily gratitude. Gratitude can bring you more love, joy and happiness and inner peace into your life. Watch your life transform and allow miracles to happen. Please share them with me along the journey. The aim of this journal is to help you practise daily gratitude, be happier and to inspire you to grow and transform as a result in a way that helps you Release the Inner You. By having this journal and writing in it daily, you will practise a daily successful habit. It will be your very own Self Care and Self Love. About the Author Kiki Stanton, the creator of Kiki Kirby Coaching is an inspirational leader in her field. Gathering experience from both her personal accomplishments and traumatic ordeals, Kiki has developed effective coaching and mentoring practices to ensure her clients excel in both their personal and professional lives. Kiki encourages others to be bold and strong and foster healthy, positive mindsets. She passionately navigates her clients to Release their Inner Selves and Release the Talent in Themselves.

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