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Hope – your personal journey can start!

Hope – Is this you?

  1. Do you want to create freedom and more choice in your life?

  2. Do you want to develop and follow your dreams?

  3. Are you focused and easily inspired, but don’t follow through with action?

  4. Are you determined and want more from life?

  5. Do you need a change but don’t know how to make it happen?

  6. Are you lacking confidence, lost and unbalanced?

  7. Are you scared but you know you need to do something more for yourself?

  8. Are you loosing direction for your life and career?

  9. Do you lack happiness, joy, peace and hope?

  10. Are you an achiever but have lost your way because life got in the way?

We all have hopes in life. Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. (Hebrews 11:1). You just need someone to hold you hold and Partner with you, make you be accountable because what you are doing is not working?

You fly your own personal kite every single day of your life!

You fly your own personal kite every single day of your life! Sometimes, the breeze is weak and you feel unable to achieve any height. Other times the breeze is turbulent and you have to work hard to retrain any control. No matter how empty or full your life may appear, yes there is HOPE for you. However, your kite is ALWAYS under your control – you just need to train your mind in order to learn how to fully it – once you master this skill, you will enjoy the FREEDOM over your own destiny it brings you.

Join me on Tuesday, 23 May for Kite of Hope Online Coaching programme.

  1. 10 week programme which will be online, it means you will not need to leave your home or busy life.

What will it include:

  1. Live weekly call

  2. Access to a private Facebook group

  3. Development and coaching for 10 weeks accountable for flying your Kite of Hope.

What you will get from this;

  1. Get into action immediately

  2. New daily success habits

  3. Help you get clear with your goals, focuses and dreams

  4. what you want to achieve for the rest of this year.

  5. Inspired, happy, passionate about your Kite of Hope

  6. Focused to keep you on track with your hopes and dreams

  7. Full support and accountability and personal development

  8. Be Inspired through yourself own beliefs

  9. Inspired, motivated, excited

  10. Direction in your life and vision of what you want

The Price is £295 but I am offering an early bird rate of £250 if its paid by Monday, 15 May. Limited Spaces available.

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