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How to live a life full of joy and happiness?

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Happiness is incredible but very sensitive. One time you could feel happiness for a few weeks then, instantly it can be taken away for a time. It comes from external sources.

Joy is a meaningful attitude of the heart and spirit. It is constant. Keep a close grip of joy and you can get through anything that life throws your way. Joy is also about enjoying (in joy), doing the things you enjoy. What are some of those things you enjoy?  I would encourage you to write a list of 20 things you love to do to have fun + play.

Happiness seems to be the buzz word and the life aim of many, but this will open your eyes to see that there is ALWAYS joy within IF you believe.

Now, you’ve been introduced to the distinctions between joy and happiness and I hope you’ve realised that the right road to travel down is joy, it comes from within and is sustainable.

You know why it’s sustainable?

Because we choose to accept that God wants us to have this gift. It’s a Fruit of the Spirit.

Will you turn your heart to God in order to live a life full of joy?

Now I’m not saying that when you accept joy your life will be full of rainbows as we all know it doesn’t work like that.

It’s about having hope even in the dark hours. The knowing that better times will return, especially if you live following the guidance of God and fulfil the other Fruits of the Spirit in the best way you can which are: love, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Do you follow the Fruits of the Spirit?

Which one needs more nurturing?

Connecting all aspects of your life to create holistic joy

So, we’ve touched on the spiritual side of joy and now it’s time to focus on aligning this area with the physical, mental, social, and emotional factors.

Let’s start with the physical aspect. The most obvious of this factor is maintaining good health in terms of fitness and nutrition, and it’s a simple fix that’s easy to get into the habit of. Choose a fitness option that you LOVE. Walking, jogging, swimming, dancing, movement, whatever you can keep up and when you pick something you look forward to doing when you wake up, it’s a natural habit that you begin to struggle to live without. Match this with healthy foods that come from the earth (your 5-a-day, for example), and you’ll be full of energy, productivity and most importantly JOY!

Connecting the physical with your mental state, exercising regularly maintains a healthy mind that has a positive outlook on life. Doing this for yourself is so powerful, giving yourself the time to release those endorphins means that you will feel joy within, even if external factors are a struggle at the moment, you’ll feel that you can tackle them with a clear mind. Talking of a clearer mind, self-care is the best help, whatever that looks like for you. Is there a self-care activity that just resets you? For example, I love taking a bath as it allows me to drop my shoulders and remove myself from technology for a while, to just be with my thoughts and work through them without distraction. Find something that disconnects you from the outside world and makes you feel new again.

Friends and being in a community are so powerful in our world. Someone you can lean on and have a laugh with. Someone that understands your goals and vibration and lifts you up encourages you to get out of your comfort zone is so significant. It’s so tempting to shut yourself away from your social life when difficulties arise, but when you have a strong support network, you need to share and let out emotion to those that are there for you. Make sure you choose those special friends wisely, and the way to tell is how you feel after meeting a friend. Energized? Or drained? Listen to your emotions to know if you’re connecting with the right people to have in your life.

Emotions… tricky to navigate and understand sometimes, right? Easier to bury at times. But know that facing them and processing them and labelling them is essential to cleansing yourself of negativity and allowing JOY to shine through. Know that God has your back and has plans for you. To unlock this, there will be some tough times of working through how you feel, however it’s all part of life and future plans that God has for you. Think of this aspect in the same way as the physical, if you have a physical pain, you’d go to the doctor to ask for support with it. Your mind is no different, it needs help and nurturing from time to time too.

I hope this read has allowed you to notice some areas of tension that need attention and I hope you can allow yourself that support.

Remember the end game… HOLISTIC JOY.

There are plans set out for you, and everything that happens on this crazy journey of life is for a reason. If you work through those little niggles that you are struggling with, inner peace and joy will be your destiny.

We wish you all the joy in the world!

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Kiki Kirby Coaching works with heart-centered people to slow down to find inner peace + a growth mindset + seek purpose in Life + Work.

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