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Kite of Hope – Business Coaching programme

Finished my Kite of Hope – Business Coaching programme three weeks ago.

Grateful for this online coaching program as it took two take 2s to get started due to being in hospital and starting my chemo BUT we persevered and we saw it through to the end.

Eleni and I will never forget that Wednesday, I went to see the consultant doctor to discuss my therapy plan at 5.30pm and Coaching programs was starting at 8pm.

Consultant- Doctor who is amazing by the way, said “Kiki you going to hospital tonight.” My words “but I have a coaching programme starting – can I go home and do it then go.” “No, you going straight in tonight and starting treatment on Friday.” The shock, horror and emotion inside of me was no difficult to explain.

What I am saying here is no matter what comes up for you or keeps throwing you off keep going.

Tips of what I did during this time because I am passionate about what I do and hope it encourages you in your set backs

🖐🏼Pausing or stopping is ok

*Be passionate about what you do inside and out

😫Your mind might not be ready for your reality but go with, it will catch up

🤷🏻 Give people and yourself options

💡See through the commitments you make if you can, if you feel at peace to do it

* Little steps helps (each week especially my chemo weeks) the energy and focus I needed for the calls was triple what I normally need but I did it. Sometimes Pjs bottoms and all

🤔 Think about why you doing it

💛 It’s often not about YOU but how you serve others and this powerful

💥 Let the emotions come and pass through

*The real life learning in this in this so magical tests become a testimony

*It builds your mindset, faith, and beliefs up

I am going run one more Kite of Hope Programme – business for 2017. Then, I won’t run any more till 2018.

So keep your eyes open for dates, limited spaces.

What you will get from this programme is:

  1. Build foundations in your business ~ Business Plans, Vision, Building Relationships strategy, Marketing Plans, Personal Development Plans, foundations to make sure your business stands strong

  2. Get into action immediately

  3. New daily successful habits

  4. Help you get clear with your goals, focuses and dreams

  5. What you want to achieve for the rest of this year

  6. Inspired, happy, passionate about your Kite of Hope

  7. Focused to keep you on track with your hopes and dreams

  8. Full support and accountability and personal development

  9. Be Inspired through yourself own beliefs

  10. Inspired, motivated, excited

  11. Direction in your business and vison of what you want

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