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💫 W E L C O M E 2018 ….

💫 W E L C O M E 2018 ….

Happy New Year! May it be filled with patience, peace, joy, happiness, self-control, gratitude, love, gentleness, faithfulness, kindness, good health…

May you be happy, have all your hearts desires! Be who you have been created to be in this LIFE.

What is your 💛 desire for 2018?

What is your decided 💛 for 2018?

What goals are you setting?

What would you like to change in 2018?

What are your priorities in 2018?

What new behaviours do you want in 2018?

What new themes do you want for the year?

What values would you like to work on?

If you were sat this time in 2019, what do you want to be saying to yourself?

What activity are you prepared to do in order to achieve your goals?

What things do you need to pray about in 2018?

How are you going invest in yourself?

Tips and help

🌟Begin with pray giving thanks for all you have and the wisdom you need along the journey

🌟Write the vision and make it simple

🌟Journal and write it on paper

🌟Set deadlines, actions and intentions

🌟Write steps you need to take

🌟Prioritise the steps in order of importance

🌟Take the right action for you and your vision

🌟Do something each day to move you forward

🌟Keep the steps you need to take

🌟Have your vision and goals visual

🌟 Be accountable to yourself

🌟 Make time for you, Self  Care and Self love

Would love to hear from you and what your goals will be 2018, share and comment.

My theme for the year is VALUE and EXTRA ORDINARY FAVOUR.

Love Kiki 💛

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