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Your personal review of the year…. 2017!

Your personal review of the year…. 2017!

What a year it has been… I know for myself and what about you?

My family and I always do a review of the year, and we are looking at ours this afternoon.

Some great questions to ask are:

*What went well in 2017?

*What are you grateful for in 2017?

*What are the positive things that happened?

*What were the learnings during the year?

*What feelings kept you going during the year?

*What state was your mindset?

*How was your self care and self love?

*How will you praise yourself?

*What do you want to do differently in 2018?

*How did you persevere during the year?

*What are you willing to let go of?

*What personal development did you do?

*What did you achieve and what are you proud of?

Take some time over the coming days to take a look and review your 2017.

Make the time for YOU, YOU matter.

Would love to hear from you and how your review went?

Love Kiki 💛

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