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It's time to Fall back in Love with your

Health, Life & Work

Hey, I  see you there...

Create a new relationship with yourself, re-align with your calling and fall back in love with your life.

…living in that vicious cycle of self-defeating thoughts

…stuck carrying the massive weight of doubt on your shoulders

…seeking deeper insight and alignment

Whether you’ve lost your way due to grief, trauma, or have simply lost your enthusiasm for daily life, you’re not alone.

The Happy Healthy Wellbeing Community

A nurturing community for professionals +leaders ready to prioritise their wellness and wellbeing


Resources, tools, strategies + techniques to slow down to find calmness amongst your chaos, gain clarity through your procrastination + focus on your wellbeing.

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Create a new relationship with yourself, re-align with your health, life + work. Evolve with growth + accountability in a heart centred way.

Let’s make your vision for your life a reality.

You’re ready to achieve more in your life, career and business.

Kiki Kirby Coaching

I’m Kiki Stanton, I help high-achieving heart centred leaders and professionals realign with themselves and create holistic transformation in their lives. I believe in looking at the whole person. At every aspect that could be improved and nurtured. 


If you’re struggling with difficult career decisions, burnout, grief, general loss of fervor for everyday life, and a decrease in your physical wellness, it’s time for you to rediscover and reclaim who you are and take inspired action forward.


We do it all with loving accountability, gentle encouragement, and support. Ultimately that’s how we help you regain purpose, focus, and clarity. 


No one else has the unique combination of talents, vision, and experience that you do—exploring and bringing that to the forefront is how we help you create the transformation you’re craving. You’re ready to achieve more in your life, career, and business.


Let’s make your vision for your life a reality.

hello there

i'm kiki.

Being "heart-centred""means that we approach life from a place of inner strength, resiliency, courage, integrity,       authenticity, and truth. We move from an ego-driven space to a place where life flows more easily when we are heart-centred

Kiki Kirby Podcast
The Kiki Kirby Podcast
Kiki Kirby Podcast
Client Love

“It enabled me to focus upon and achieve the goals that i set for myself, for example one goal was to focus upon buying a house – i move in next week. one other goal was to refocus my attention in my personal life – my relationship has become stronger as a result.

Kiki was found to be very engaging and thus stimulating in making me focus upon the specifics needed to achieve goals that i set each week. I found her to be very competant at keeping me focused upon a goal and preventing me from drifting away from the primary.

One is never too old to ‘grow’ forward with life events and see them from a different perspective. I found the whole training exercise extremely stimulating and rewarding as proven in what i was able to achieve in those few short weeks.

Kiki’s natural verve and enthusiasm enabled me to review where i was and what i wanted to do in a more enlightening manner.. She was able to tease out of me answers to my issues that i honestly would not have known existed.”

- Peter Doville Retired

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