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Re-discover a life that suits you

Does your little inner voice keep telling you:

  1. I just can’t do this anymore

  1. I have to make some sort of change

  1. I’ve tried everything but nothing is working

  1. Why can I fix anything but myself?

  1. I’ve run out of ideas

  2. There’s got to be more to life than this…….

If these things sound familiar, you most certainly are not alone.

Is it your time to say:  ‘I am ready to be brave.  Brave and Bold!  Ready to be the ‘me’ I was created to be…………’

If you are ready to take the first steps on this new journey, begin by thinking of the things that make you happy.  What are you grateful for?  What are you dreams?  Then think about the things that are getting in the way of your happiness.

Ask yourself:

How do I want to feel?

What are my intentions in the following areas of my life?

  1. Health & Lifestyle

  2. Mindset

  3. Creativity and Learning

  4. Connection & Community

  5. Me, Self & Inner Peace

  6. Life in general

  7. Relationships

  8. Finances

  9. Spirituality

  10. Work

  11. Hobbies and Fun

  12. Health

  13. Learning and Development

Now, to find an effective way to re-discover the life that suits you, have a look at my ‘Release the Inner You’ coaching programme through the link below:

Release the Inner you – click here 

Joining the programme means that together we will stop you

  1. Feeling like something is missing in your life

  2. Always questioning your decisions and next steps

  3. Being unfulfilled in your life and your work

  4. Struggling to find your purpose and who you are now

  5. Trying to force the life you feel you should have

Instead you can learn and use tools and strategies to help you

  1. Recognise your worth and how to use it

  2. Re-find your inner confidence and let it shine

  3. Be able to ask for what you want

  4. Discover all the pieces of you and put them back together

  5. Build new habits and behaviours to set you up to once again consistently achieve what you set your mind to

  6. Imagine a vision for your future and a plan to create it

  7. Continue to grow

  8. Find fulfilment in your life and work

  9. Feel whole again, ready to open your heart to the world

Your ‘Release the Inner You’ coaching will cover subjects like:

  1. What’s currently going on for you?

  2. What would you like to happen?

  3. How do you want to feel?

  4. How can you achieve it?

  5. Who can help you with this?

  6. What support do you need?

  7. When else in your life have you needed this help to achieve what you want/need?

  8. What options do you have available to help you move forward?

  9. What is missing for you?

  10. What is getting in the way?

  11. List another 3 options – you may be thinking, ‘I don’t know’, but you do!

  12. What will you do to move forward to take the first step?

  13. What will make the biggest impact?

  14. What will the time scale be to make this happen?


Together  we will find the empowered, inspired you – the you who has confidence inside as well as out.

Be who you were created to be.

I believe you can get there.

It’s time for you to believe it too.

At times along the way you may forget, that’s OK.

I’ll be here to remind you.


We will share:

Release the Inner You and Your Mindset

Clarity on my Current Reality

Falling back in Love with your Life

Self-Care, My Love and My Health

Self-Confidence, My Self-Comparison, My Self-Creativity


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