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You sign up for EVERYTHING then do very little.

You sign up for this course

You sign up for this programme

You sign up for this newsletter

You sign up for this development training

You sign up for everything…….

Then what do you do?

I coach many people who are high-achievers and who are ambitious, people who want to achieve so many purposeful things.  But I also see many (and in the past myself included) sign up for all sorts of things yet not take full (or any!) ACTION once they have done so – often in spite of making a considerable financial investment.

Would you like to know my top secrets as to how I make sure that I am a start–to- finisher, as well as what actions I take to achieve easily, steadily and in a way that feels right?

Before I sign up to anything I do my research.  I ask myself:

  1. Does it feel right?

  2. Will I get the right help with what I need right now?

  3. Is the person / product creditable?

  4. Are they authentic? Do they practice what they preach?

  5. Is the value I am getting worth the investment?

Then when I am happy with my answers I buy-in and do all the work required of me.  I take action.

After about 3 months, and every few months or so thereafter, I go back and review all the ‘stuff’ I have learned, the ‘stuff’ I have read, and the ‘stuff’ I have put into practice.   And then I challenge my mindset, habits, beliefs, actions and attitude even further.

Why am I telling you this?  Because every step counts – the ones you take and the ones you don’t.

Don’t keep procrastinating!  Read my article about procrastination which was shared on Yahoo Finance.  Do it now!

As a Life & Business Coach:

I help you initiate heart and mindset change.

I help you fall back in love with your life, your work and your health.

And I give you the tools, strategies and techniques to slow down yet achieve more. 💛

If you think you need help with this, book in for a free coaching session: click here

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