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What is your 2020 vision?

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

I already know what you’re thinking… Why am I talking about 2020 now? Firstly, let me inform you that currently, there are only 18 weeks left of 2019! (113 days made up of 3192 hours) Yes! Three thousand, one hundred and ninety-two hours. That is all.

By the time I’ve written, edited and published this article, those 3192 hours will have already decreased and we’ll be even closer to the birth of a new year.

So what is 2020 all about?

20/20 vision, in terms of eyesight, is what most of us consider synonymous with ‘perfect vision’. Although in reality, there is no such thing as perfect vision and the 20/20 vision that we refer to, simply means normal sharpness.

2020 is the 1st year of the 2020 decade. It is also widely recognised as the year of the white metal rat, reference the Chinese calendar, bringing protection and prosperity.  The rat is the first of the 12 animals that are included in the Chinese calendar, so for it to appear at the start of a new decade signals new beginnings. The Chinese new year starts on the 25th of January, the 4th Saturday of the year.

In terms of numerology, 2020 (includes two zero’s) which signals that it has infinite potential and the energy for this year should be focused on specific goals. This energy comes from the sum of all four numbers which equals 4.

2020 will also see Tokyo hold the quadrennial Summer Olympics and its 4th overall Olympics.  A country that set aside 400 billion Japanese yen to cover the cost of hosting the games.

Finally, 2020 is a leap year meaning there is an additional day (24 hours) for activity – February 29th. It is something we are only lucky enough to lay our eyes on, every 4 years. Hurray for the extra time that we can spend creating long-lasting memories.

There is mention of the number 4 again and again throughout this article and even if you’re not superstitious, surely that will get you thinking about what energy you will gain in 2020. Coincidence – or not?

Next up in this 2020 fact file, are some scientific predictions:

  1. A proposal for a high-speed rail to connect the eastern and western worlds. When I say east and west, I don’t just mean inside of one country, I mean Beijing to London! (A train journey that will cover 17 different countries) – How likely do you think this will be?

  2. Cars that will drive themselves or better yet, cars that will fly in space! 2019 has already seen cars that can auto park, reverse and emergency stop, so I personally don’t think this one is far off.

  3. Microchips in our brains that will allow us to connect to artificial intelligence. Seems impossible right? Not according to the well-known, 48-year-old entrepreneur, Elon Musk. He quoted this when he launched his company Neuralink and is already leading high profile companies such as Tesla, Hyperloop and Space X. Watch this space.

After divulging into the ins and outs of why 2020 is going to be important, what I really want to share with you is how you can prepare for a prosperous 2020 in the best way, in regards to your vision.

Truth is, continually acting on your goals, creating a vision and sticking to habits is not at all easy and it definitely isn’t something you learn about in school. Goal achieving is an art, which so few of us have actually mastered.

Firstly, goal setting should be SMART! Using this acronym might take you back to the haunts of your previous school life however, it is paramount and should be used for every goal that you set. Without it, you cannot fully prepare and without preparation, comes failure.

S – Specific = What do you want to Be, Do or Have?

M – Measurable = Is it meaningful to you? Are you motivated?

A – Achievable = What action are you going to take to ensure this happens? (E.g. implement a habit tracker)

R – Realistic = Ask yourself if you can seriously see this happening? Do not let your self-limiting beliefs knock your confidence, it is important to dream big here!

T – Time = Short-term (3 months), Medium-term (1 year) and Long-term (3/5 years).

Secondly, writing down anything you come up with will provide you with a wealth of knowledge in days, weeks and months to come. The human brain is powerful but it can quickly become bogged down by day to day ‘stuff’ which, can lead us down a slippery slope of forgetting important information. You wouldn’t want that whilst creating a new goal or habit, would you?

Your vision can be anything from health to wealth, including but not limited to lifestyle, home, work/job, relationships, development and love. I could go on but instead of reading anything else, why don’t you just have a go?

I’d love to know how you get on and if you are interested in learning more about your 2020 vision, creating goals, changing your habits and being the best version of you that you can be, then look out for our event coming soon in December.

It’s going to be amazing, so you don’t want to miss out!

Send your 2020 visions to – or visit our coaching website or consultancy website for more details!

Written by: Lucy Ford – Consultancy Assistant @ Kiki Kirby Coaching + Consultancy Email:

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