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You’ve got 10 minutes a day spare, right?

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Especially for positive change. Here’s a special challenge just for you!

The 10-minute challenge.

What is something you keep saying you want to take up? What habit do you say you want to adopt?

Well, now you’re going to!

For 28 days, you’re going to put just 10 minutes into the habit you choose.

Whether it’s exercise, reading, meditation, cooking, yoga…

You decide but by the end you’ll feel accomplished and hopefully have a lifelong habit – if you stick with it and have determination!

Here’s a little motivational video from Kiki:

We have set you this challenge because we believe in you and want you to make lifelong habits.

So, print off the PDF below and tick everyday you achieve. Look at those ticks as the days pass and be proud of yourself for allowing positive change into your life.

Who’s up for it?

If you’re struggling to be motivated on a particular day, you can always Insta DM us for a bit of support.

Upon completion of the 10 minute challenge, we’ll send you a snazzy certificate to remind you of your achievement and commitment that will hopefully continue for life!

Let’s do it! We can do it!

“The quality of our life is created by the quality of our habits.” – Anonymous

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