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90 day goal setting – a free, printable template

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

July? Already?! Wow…

The months go by in a blink, this is why we do 90 day plans and our top tips are here for you!

Goal setting… it comes with highs and lows, items easily achieved, others not even started, positivity and fear.

But they are ESSENTIAL to life, to work and to businesses.

Without goal setting, where are you aiming? How can you reflect on all your achievements?

We use each 90 day block to come together as a team (even if only virtually right now).

Right, what’s been good? What should we change? How do you feel about this? Is this achievable? What difference will this make?

Many, many reflective questions are asked – this process can be challenging and time consuming but it has to be done to move forward.

How are we going to approach the next 90 days with what we’ve learnt? Would we still do this the same way? Are we still happy with the path we’re going down?

Our big WHY/vision always stays the same…


This is the thing we always completely agree on, this is what we stand for.

We want to transform your life and we think we can for just £9.99 per month… click here!

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