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What makes you happy?

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

What makes you happy? FREE downloadable PDF inside!

In these current times, we need to find things that make us happy in life.

The simple things that put a smile our faces, the little activities we love doing, the food we love.

Despite that there are restrictions right now, I’m sure we can all find joy at home, it’s a must at the moment.

So, we have created a happy list template that you can print and fill out (just like the gratitude one last week) for when things are feeling difficult, or you’re feeling a bit low, which is completely understandable in these worrying times.

Here you go…

The intention is that the list contains fun things to do at home that you love, that you can have a look at for inspiration when you need a lift in spirits, a distraction or if you’re simply feeling a bit bored.

The act of writing down the simple things that make you happy could make you feel more positive too.

So, who’s up for making their happy list today?

We would love to see what you’ve written down so send us a photo either by replying back to this email or by tagging @kiki.kirby.coaching on Instagram on your stories!

Let’s keep positive and enjoy all the little things that make us happy when we need it most!

Photo by Paul Green on Unsplash

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