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Authenticity is key!

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.

~ Carl Jung

Kiki in Coffee Shop

Authenticity – where our speech and actions come from our values and belief systems.

This is all easy said and done but the amount of people that know themselves on a deep enough level to comprehend their values and beliefs is very rare. It can be a difficult process and one that takes some time and one that actually never stops as there is endless learning on ourselves we can do.

But authenticity allows for better relationships of all different people. Because you have that acceptance that everyone is amazingly unique, you have the ability to never judge others and in fact, embrace their imperfections. You’ll wander the world with an open mind, meeting a whole host of people but at the same time you’ll be able to speak to them from your heart and not just agree with what they are saying. You can interact deeply from your core values and belief system and understand that is it okay not to have to agree with everything being said because it’s impossible to feel the same about everything. Expressing your own opinion and feeling comfortable in doing that despite being different, opens you up to a deeper level conversation, one that’s more memorable.

With being who you truly are, leading with your values and beliefs, comes a level of vulnerability. Now, vulnerability typically has a negative connotation, it seems to be attached to the word ‘victim’. Although, it really is about letting your emotions be set free, consciously, putting yourself in a ‘risky’ scenario where rejection could happen which can be scary. But it is essential for wholesome human connection. Exposure of your flaws, discussion of your controversial opinions, yes it might turn people away, yes it might cause friction but that is YOU and the people that warm to the true you are your true relationships.

Being real is the way to a fulfilling life, one that you can feel totally you no matter who you surround so I want to end here with some top tips for you to never forget in all your life encounters:

  1. Not everyone has to agree with you and you don’t have to agree with everyone.

  2. If people are being hurtful to you or others, tell them.

  3. Don’t just have boring conversations that are ‘safe’, tell people your beliefs, own them!

  4. Take time everyday to learn new things about your inner self, it’s a thrilling process.

  5. Face your fears and be courageous whenever you can.

Don’t live your life in boring conversation with fake relationships just to play it ‘safe’, be real and those that are real too will come to you.

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